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Wrong-way driving incidents persist on stretch of I-90 in Gallatin County

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Posted at 8:44 PM, Mar 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-26 11:26:08-04

BOZEMAN — Over the weekend, Gallatin County Sheriff's deputies reported yet another wrong-way driver along Interstate 90, this time getting on the wrong side of the highway at the Manhattan exit and traveling the wrong way before being stopped outside of Cardwell.

Micheal Waters, 56, was arrested early Sunday morning after traveling on the wrong side of I-90 for nearly 30 miles. Waters was charged with three counts of criminal engagement and DUI.

“We have always had wrong-way drivers. Just so happens, we've had more of them. Don't know the exact cause other than intoxication,” says Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer.

After traveling approximately 27 miles, Waters was stopped by a sheriff's deputy deploying spike stripes; they’re meant to pop the tires of a wrong-way driver.

Last year, the Montana Department of Transportation installed cable wire along the interstate in Gallatin County, meant to keep drivers from crossing the median into oncoming traffic.

“It definitely makes it more difficult for us to get in a position. But by the same token, it does make it safer for us because if we can't get up forward, we can be a bit protected, using the cabling as some kind of a safety net,” says Springer.

While many people think that there is a language barrier with the current signs warning drivers about getting on the wrong side of the road, Springer says that’s not the case.

“Contrary to popular belief, it's not just non-English speaking individuals. In fact, the majority of them are not that. Most of them are English speaking,” says Springer.

As you might remember, the Manhattan exit was one of three intersections in the county that was targeted to get new signage. Sheriff Springer says the signs are here, but due to weather delays, they will not be installed until next week.