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Outta Bounds Golf is teeing up in Manhattan

Posted at 11:40 AM, Apr 28, 2024

MANHATTAN — Get ready to golf, Gallatin Valley! Outta Bounds Golf, a new driving range, is opening this summer.

“Welp, 25 years ago we had this land here and I thought this would be a great place for a driving range. And 25 years later we’re finally making it happen,” says Scott Van Dyke, co-owner of Outta Bounds Golf.

You may know the VanDykes from their Manhattan coffee hut, Broadway Brew. After years of sitting on 15 acres of land, Corey and her husband Scott decided to pursue a long-time dream of opening a driving range. But this won't be any ordinary driving range.

“It will be more like a bowling alley experience where you’re socializing, instead of a driving range where it's just you. So, people will be able to experience your good shots and laugh at your bad ones,” says Scott.

This driving range dream isn't only Corey and Scott’s. Their two sons, Zach and Nathan, have been helping out. They plan to assist in running this family business as part owners.

“When they told me it was doable to do the golf range, I was all in right off the bat,” says Zach.

Zach and Nathan work as PE teachers at a K through 8th grade school in Las Vegas. When their parents asked if they would help with this new business venture, they jumped at the opportunity.

“Every weekend we have off, like this week we have Thursday/Friday off of school, so we came down to get as much done as we could,” says Nathan.

On Thursday, Zach and Nathan put up some of the targets, including the train car the Van Dykes received from Scott’s dairy farmer friend. Both Zach and Nathan plan to end their PE careers once this school year ends and move back to Montana to work at the golf course full-time—which is a big deal for Zach, who just got engaged.

“I’m getting married in June actually, so it's going to be the biggest month of my life, basically,” says Zach.

Considering Outta Bounds Golf is opening July 4th, the VanDyke family is going to have a lot on their plate. They’re excited to offer this new activity to the community, as a driving range that will offer over 5 golf games, brick oven pizza delivered right to your golf bay, beer and wine, par-3 whiffer golf, mini golf, and more.

“And I think most importantly, just walk away with a smile and have a great day,” says Corey.

For more information on Outta Bounds Golf and their opening day, visit their website here: