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City of Bozeman gives update on leaked Mihelich video

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Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 09, 2024

BOZEMAN — According to the City of Bozeman, the infamous video of former City Manager Jeff Mihelich ranting was first seen by a municipal court employee. Municipal Court Judge Colleen Herrington says she directed her employee to make a copy of the recorded meeting.

Judge Herrington raised concerns about the video where Mihelich makes disparaging remarks against the mayor, deputy mayor, and the city as a whole. Herrington says she discussed the video with former elected officials but says she has no idea who leaked the video on social media.

She says she directed her employee to erase her copy and has not revealed the employee's identity.

Deputy Mayor Joey Morrison says he believes because city staff had concerns over security breaches related to the leaked meeting video, acting city manager Chuck Winn opened an investigation.

“My understanding, the investigation came from an interest from staff. So, we did not direct the city manager to investigate,” says Morrison.

The city ended up parting ways with Mihelich in March. The former city manager received more than $200,000 as part of his agreement to step down as city manager.

Morrison says, “I hope that we can move past this. It is just becoming this kind of unending distraction that's keeping us from being able to do the important work we need to do."

As far as any discipline for the leaked video? City leaders say that since the employee who copied the video works for Judge Herrington, the employee is not subject to acting City Manager Chuck Winn's authority and Winn can take no further action.