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Celebration of I-Ho Pomeroy's life—and food—raises funds for Cancer Support Community Montana

As I-Ho Pomeroy continues to battle cancer, her family shares her generosity with the community.
Posted at 1:53 PM, Feb 26, 2024

BOZEMAN — The family of I-Ho Pomeroy hosted a fundraiser at I-Ho's Korean Grill on Sunday for Cancer Support Community Montana, as a way to support the non-profit's services and to say thank you for the care given to I-Ho during her battle with cancer.

"I-Ho’s family contacted us because they wanted to do a fundraiser for Cancer Support Community, in benefit of the services we provide for people with cancer, particularly as I-Ho is continuing to struggle with her own cancer diagnosis," says Becky Franks, CEO of Cancer Support Community Montana and longtime friend of I-Ho Pomeroy.

Franks explains the work this nonprofit is doing for the community: "Cancer is a difficult time and it’s important to find quality of life, so we provide the psycho-social support that people need to improve their quality of life and manage their life with cancer."

I-Ho’s family tells us that her health has taken a downward turn, requiring her to remain in hospice care. But friends and family continue to support I-Ho and share her generosity.

"I think everyone in this town knows I-Ho. She served on the city commission and on the board of health with me as a volunteer. And she has made an incredible impact on our community," Franks says.

"I-Ho is generous and always has been generous and this is just an extension of her generosity here today," she adds.

Franks expresses gratitude towards I-Ho, her family, and the community, highlighting the effect their support has on nonprofits like this one.

"As a recipient of the donation today, Cancer Support Community provides over 60 programs a month, free of charge. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of our community," she says.

For more information on Cancer Support Community Montana, visit the nonprofit’s website.