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April fooled: No, Taylor Swift is not building a private ski resort near Bozeman

The rumor spread after an April Fool's article on the website SnowBrains made the rounds on social media.
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Posted at 12:32 PM, Apr 04, 2024

BOZEMAN — You might have heard a rumor that Taylor Swift is buying land outside of Bozeman to build a private, luxury ski resort. Well, no—the rumor began with an April's Fools article posted on a skiing website that's been spreading on social media.

On April 1, the website SnowBrains posted the article claiming Tay Tay had purchased a $25 million, 520-acre property for her private resort.

The website posted an update to the article, stating, "Did you fall for this? Yes, this was an April Fool’s Joke."

Despite SnowBrains admitting the article was a joke, the rumor persists and the internet can't seem to fully "Shake it Off".

As recently as Thursday, April 4, comments in the Facebook group The Real Ask Bozeman suggested folks still believed the rumor was true, and it's leading to some "Bad Blood".

t swift comments.png

Once again, the article's author clearly states that it is an April Fool's joke. So if you're upset at the thought of the Treasure State becoming home to the newly-minted billionaire's private club, "You Need to Calm Down".