Orphan Girl Children's Theater adapts to coronavirus by going online

Posted at 8:35 AM, Dec 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-07 12:13:15-05

BUTTE - Theater is being done a different way in this time of Coronavirus. Butte’s Orphan Girl Children’s Theater has found a way to adapt from in-person shows to online.

Organizers could let Covid-19 drop the current on this program.

“We have so many teenagers and young artists who need the theater, they need that space, but also because that’s they safe space and that’s where they come to have a family really,” said Educational Director Elizabeth Crase.

Not only have they performed shows over Zoom, they had workshops with diverse artists from around the country, including actress Ciera Renee who talked about working on Broadway.

“Especially being a woman of color on Broadway is not easy, I thought that was something they need to hear and even our students who are Caucasian needed to hear,” said Artistic Director Jackie Vetter.

The theater plans to do a Christmas performance this month which was written by one of the students, Cole Cunningham, that will be performed live over the internet.

“This is just beyond magical, I think the story is just gorgeous and I’m really excited for Butte to get to experience it,” said Crase.

Even William Shakespeare had to close his Globe Theater when the plague hit London — but old Billy didn’t have Zoom. That’s why organizers at the Orphan Girl say they’re pretty fortunate to have the means to keep the playhouse going.

“And a lot of the drive of this show is breaking out of the muck, breaking out of things that are holding us back and finding what makes us really happy,” said Vetter.