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Out and About: Après Brewing joins the growing brewery scene in Bozeman; here's how they stand out

Posted at 6:21 PM, Apr 04, 2024

BOZEMAN — If you just finished up a long day of skiing, biking, or climbing and you’re in need of a refreshing beer, head on over to Après Brewing, just off the Montana State University campus.

“We opened March 14, just about 3 weeks ago,” says Tyler Nail, the president, head brewer, and co-owner of Après Brewing. He and Co-owner Cory O’Day took over the space Bunkhouse Brewing used to occupy at 1216 West Lincoln Street.

Bunkhouse moved to Four Corners and left these new owners with all the brewing equipment ready to go.

Après Brewing is the ninth brewery in the Bozeman area, but what inspired the name of this new establishment?

“Après Brewing—we kind of derived that from the term après ski, which is the social activity of drinking after skiing,” says Nail. He claims Après is a great place to go after any outdoor activity, whether it’s climbing, biking, fishing, or hiking.

The owners are outdoor enthusiasts themselves. They decorated the interior to portray their love of the outdoors.

“We chose our brand colors to represent the skyline. And we wanted the place to feel almost like you’re still outside,” says Nail.

Après Brewing gets most of its malt locally, sourced from Gallatin Valley Malt. They currently have 4 beers on tap, all created and brewed in-house by Nail.

“We’ve got a chairlift lager, our off-belay IPA, our Crazy Mountains hazy IPA, and we have our solstice porter,” Nail says.

He says Après Brewing is unique because of its open layout, where customers can watch the entire brewing process right behind the counter.

“Seeing the brewing space, seeing me back there making beer, seeing all the commotion going on. I think it's a really fun, enjoyable environment. I think it makes it feel lively,” says Nail.