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Gallatin County Capital Improvement Committee members resign

Posted at 8:00 PM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-26 19:46:03-04

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Three members of the Gallatin County Capital Improvement committee have resigned after claiming there has been a lack of communication between the committee and commissioners when it comes to planning for major projects such as the new Law and Justice Center.

This committee reviews capital projects going on within the county and reports to commissioners so they can then formulate intended projects for the year.

One of the biggest capital projects being planned currently is the new Law and Justice Center that is set to be on the ballot this November.

The chairman, vice chair and one other member have resigned, claiming the committee hasn’t been involved in the planning of major projects.

“Those people have been on that committee for a number of years and I appreciate their service. I wish they would’ve come and talked to the commission. We would have explained a few things for them,” Gallatin County Commissioner Don Seifert said.

In his resignation letter, Chairman David Weaver said, “I can only conclude from the commission’s lack of communication and involvement with the CIPC over the past several months that the commission has no interest in utilizing the CIPC.”

Just last year, commissioners approved an expansion of the CIPC’s mission and bylaws to include additional planning and public awareness of projects.

Former Vice Chair Dawn Martin said, “since that time, however, it has become apparent that the committee’s involvement in, or recommendation on, any Capital Project is no longer desired or deemed useful by commissioners.”

“We value their service, we really do. We value their opinions, we appreciate the time they put in and we take it pretty seriously. They are sort of our ear to the community,” Seifert said.

Commissioners are currently in the design phase of the new Law and Justice Center and say they are looking for the committee to do the educational portion for the community once the plans are complete.

There are currently still six people sitting on that committee.