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Elephant runs loose in Butte after escaping from traveling circus

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Posted at 1:18 PM, Apr 16, 2024

BUTTE - An elephant was running loose on Harrison Avenue in Butte today after it temporarily escaped from a traveling circus that’s in town.

Butte Civic Center Manager Bill Melvin confirmed an elephant temporarily got loose from the Jordan World Circus that’s in town in the civic center.

Watch the escaped elephant on the loose in Butte

Elephant gets on the loose in Butte

Melvin said the elephant’s handlers were washing the female elephant outside the civic center when a passing vehicle backfired and spooked the animal. The elephant ran across a busy Harrison Avenue stopping traffic while a handler ran after it.

The spooked animal was soon safely corralled back at the civic center without injury, according to Melvin.

Cell phone video taken by Brittany McGinnis shows the elephant running across Harrison Avenue near the with someone running alongside it and through the parking lot of the Town Pump gas station.