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Reach, Inc. has helped man with developmental disabilities gain independence for nearly 50 years

John shares what Reach means to him and why he loves the nonprofit so much.
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Posted at 12:26 PM, Mar 12, 2024

BOZEMAN — March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and what better way to recognize this month than taking a trip to Reach, Inc., a Bozeman nonprofit serving adults with residential, vocational, and transportation needs.

John has been a client at Reach for 49 years out of the nonprofit's almost-50 years in operation. John says his favorite things about Reach are the work it gives him and his trips to the Senior Center for lunch.

“I do the tubes and all of that. And then sometimes I go to the Senior Center and have lunch,” says John.

Learn more about John and what Reach, Inc. means to him:

Reach, Inc. has helped man with developmental disabilities for nearly 50 years

Executive Director Dee Metrick says Reach serves about 80 adults, giving them opportunities to live independently.

"Whether it's adding to the work environment by being an employee, adding to a recreational environment, by being a good friend, or just being a great neighbor," says Metrick.

Metrick says John is an amazing part of not only the Reach community but Bozeman’s as well.

"He worked in the community at a number of different jobs until he was 80 when we kind of really encouraged him to retire," says Metrick, "He's just a really positive person who just adds a lot to our community and keeps truckin."

When MTN asked John about what some of his favorite things were, it was no surprise this nonprofit was on the list.

He says, “Reach!”

You can support and donate to Reach by visiting