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Local swim team reacts to Bozeman Swim Center closure

Posted at 4:56 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-27 18:26:22-04

UPDATE: 5/27/2022, 4:25 PM - The City of Bozeman spoke with MTN News and has indicated they hope to open the pool at Bogert Park soon.


BOZEMAN - The City of Bozeman Swim Center closed abruptly on May 19th after an inspection found some structural deficiencies in the building as the city was gearing up for renovations.

Many parents and swimmers were left surprised when they came in and saw that doors were closed but many of them said it was only a matter of time.

“This is a pool that has had issues and situations and you know we've always said we will just keep swimming, we’ll keep trying. Then one day it's just gone we're just sitting here just confused,” says Christel Chvilicek parent/ volunteer for the Bozeman Brookies.

The City of Bozeman closed the Swim Center after an inspection leading up to planned renovations of the November 2021 bond and found some structural deficiencies in the building.

Members of the Bozeman Brookies Swim Team say they were left surprised when they saw doors were closed.

“ Well, it really shocked me. I was so into going swimming 4-5 days a week and now I don't get to hang out with as many people as I was before and now we are doing dry land,” says Bozeman Brookies Swim member, Greyson Chvilicek.

The Bozeman Brookies swim team has called the swim center home for several years.

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The Bozeman Brookies swim team has called the swim center home for several years.

“The swim center has always just been a fun place to come to just to get to do my passion here,” says Bozeman Brookies Swimmer,Kody Jensen.

For many of them, it's more than just a place to practice.

“It always has just felt like a special place to me just because swimming is a sport like no other,” says Jensen.

“I love the meets, my friends, getting to know my coaches even. This feels like another home to me,” Bozeman Brookies Swimmer, Lyla Wubs.

Many of them now find themselves changing their routine.

“I've been swimming for seven years, going three to four times a week and spending about 6 to 8 hours in the water a week,” says Bozeman Brookies swimmer, Trigve Chvilicek.

Not only are the swimmers affected but many parents say they found themselves adjusting.

“I think I've taken it pretty hard just because I know how much it means to a lot of people, it's not just our kids,” says Christel Chvilicek.

The Brookies now put passion and practice on hold.

“In March we went to California, because of my fast times and we went to regional and everything,” says Greyson Chvilicek.

The city says they are working on opening the Bogert Pool as soon as they can, they are also posting updates on their website.


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