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HRSA initiative providing Montana $5.5 million for maternal home visit services

As part of the initiative, $5.5 million dollars will be granted to home visitation services in Montana.
Posted at 1:20 PM, Jun 12, 2024

BOZEMAN — Organizers, healthcare providers, and mothers all gathered to hear how a new federal initiative will support families and save mothers’ lives.

One of the ways they’re doing this in Montana is by providing $5.5 million for home visiting services.

"Having this program was huge for me, especially first time being a mom with twins to start off was extremely isolating," says Kendra Beltran, a Bozeman parent who is supported by Health Resource and Services Administration, or HRSA, programs.

She says as an Indigenous parent she’s thankful for the support, "Having someone who was standing by my side and cheerleading for me was really helpful in getting me to find my own voice and be able to advocate for my kids."

According to data from the HRSA, in developing countries, the United States is a leader in maternal mortality—with major disparities affecting Indigenous and women of color.

Services like home visitation help connect new mothers with a range of services, from birthing to housing assistance to speech pathology.

"Just having someone there to check on me was awesome because I never would have reached out for that myself," says Beltran.

In addition to what families report, HRSA Administrator Carole Johnson says the program is evidence based and effective.

"It helps ensure that kids are better prepared for school, it actually helps with language development—kids are speaking earlier and speaking well—and it helps prevent child abuses and neglect. The evidence is really strong here." Johnson says.

For more information on the national initiative, visit the website.