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Bozeman Police Department talks about plans for Pride celebration safety

The Bozeman Police Department says it's been working with organizers for months to ensure events remain peaceful and safe.
Posted at 7:43 PM, May 31, 2024

BOZEMAN — As Bozeman Pride continues with celebrations through the weekend, many may be wondering how safety will be ensured.

"We are certainly there to keep the peace," says Captain Joe Swanson of the Bozeman Police Department (BPD).

He says that BPD and the city have been working extensively with event organizers for months.

"Each and every event that is associated with a public assembly permit goes through a review process. There’s been lots of ongoing conversation in terms of concerns and places where security processes can be increased and enhanced," Swanson says.

Concerns have been raised after bomb threats were made towards multiple downtown areas earlier this month.

At the time, police told MTN that hoaxes like this are common—to deter attendance. But some Pride locations are upping their own security just in case, including the public library.

A statement from Library Director Susan Gregory says, “The library has a regular weekend security officer from Invictus security, and a second security officer has been engaged just for the day. These officers will be inside the library only. Our goal is the same as the Bozeman Police Department for tomorrow: to make sure that the event is without incident and our library patrons feel safe to come and use the library.”

Swanson says, "And so, we are certainly there to keep the peace. To ensure that we are allowing everyone to move as freely as possible, in a manner that is without violence but still supports their constitutional right to be heard and be present."

Captain Swanson also urges attendees to speak to officers on site about any concerns or questions.

"We’ll be very open in speaking with everyone who’s on scene and I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity to do some education and certainly people have questions who are downtown—our officers will be around. Please come speak with us," he says.