SW Montana in the top 10 wettest first 10 days of September

Posted at 8:16 PM, Sep 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-10 22:16:41-04

BOZEMAN - The first 10 days of September have been very wet for most of Montana and here in SW Montana most reporting (not all) stations are ranked in the top 10 wettest on record.

Topping the list is Helena. A little over 2" of rain for the first 10 days of September is ranked #1 or the wettest on record.

Bozeman MSU is ranked 8th wettest with 1.51", Belgrade (Bozeman Yellowstone Airport) is ranked 4th wettest with 1.52", Butte is in the 8th wettest slot with 1.21", West Yellowstone has the 4th wettest ranking with 0.60". Townsend hit #3 with 1.16", and Ennis #6 with 1.19".

Most reporting station, except for Dillon, have either reached or sailed way above the normal monthly precipitation totals for the month of September in the first 10 days. This means if we don't pickup another drop of rain for the rest of the month most of the region will end up slightly above normal for September rainfall. However, more rain is in the forecast tomorrow and there is a good chace for additional rainfall next week.