Snow and bitterly cold to end 2018

Posted at 1:21 PM, Dec 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-30 15:21:08-05


A strong Canadian cold front continues to dig through Montana Sunday afternoon producing widespread areas of snow and localized gusty winds. Harsh wintry travel will continue into Monday morning with areas of snow and blowing snow, snow covered and icy roads and bitterly cold temperatures.

The snow will diminish into Monday morning but the bitterly cold air will dig into the state with below zero lows possible Monday morning and well below zero lows by Tuesday morning. Light winds could also produce early morning wind chill values locally between -10° to -30° below zero.


Winter Weather Advisory

The National Weather Service has a Winter Weather Advisory up across most of Montana through Monday morning.

Additional light snow is possible for lower valleys but mountain passes could an additional 1″ – 4″ or more of snow Sunday evening.

Wind gusts 15 to 30 mph are possible in wind prone areas both west and east of the continental divide into the early evenings Sunday producing areas of blowing snow and continue to produce snow covered and icy roads.


Winter Storm Warning

The National Weather Service continues Winter Storm Warnings along the northern Rocky mountain front and down into Yellowstone National Park and Island Park, ID areas into this evening.

Higher elevation snowfall will continue to be heavy at times but should diminish by Monday morning.

City by City Forecast:

BOZEMAN: LOW: 1°; HIGH MONDAY: 12°. Steady snowfall is possible up to midnight with an additional 1″ – 3″ for Bozeman and Belgrade. Snow should diminish overnight with partial clearing and much colder by morning. Light winds could produce wind chill values between -10° and -20° early Monday morning. Partly cloudy and cold Monday afternoon.

BUTTE: LOW: -3°; HIGH MONDAY: 13°.  Light snow to continue off and on tonight into early Monday morning. An additional 1″ – 3″ of snow is possible. Bitterly cold overnight as temperatures fall below zero and with a light 5 to 10 mph wind early morning wind chill values could feel like -10° to -20°. Partly cloudy and cold for Monday afternoon.

DILLON: LOW: 0°; HIGH MONDAY: 12°. Bitterly cold tonight into Monday. Snow showers should diminish overnight with light accumulations possible. Partial clearing and much colder by morning and with light winds plan on wind chill values early Monday morning around -10° to -20°. Partly cloudy and cold Monday afternoon.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: LOW: -15°; HIGH MONDAY: 9°. Scattered snow showers are likely into Sunday night but should diminish by early Monday morning. Additional snowfall of 2″ – 4″ is possible. Gusty winds will also produce blowing snow through midnight Sunday. Bitterly cold temperatures are likely Monday into Tuesday with morning lows falling between -15° to -25° below zero. Light winds will produce extremely cold wind chill values at times colder than -20° below zero. Mostly dry Monday into Tuesday.