Credit union opening in Butte amid coronavirus shutdown

Posted at 5:03 PM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 19:03:50-04

The coronavirus has been hard businesses throughout Butte, but economic leaders are encouraged to see some new businesses opening in town.

“It’s great to see more people, even in these difficult times, investing in Butte, creating jobs and recognizing what our community has to offer,” said Butte Local Development Corporation Director Joe Willauer.

The Montana-based Clearwater Credit Union is opening a branch in Uptown’s former Hennessy Market building on East Granite Street, which has been vacant for about a year. The new business is looking to hire at least five people.


“It’s great to be able to have them join us in town, they’re the second largest credit union in the state, they have offices in several other communities with their headquarters in Missoula,” said Willauer.

While it’s encouraging to see new businesses coming to Butte, the priority for economic leaders right now is to do whatever they can to save the current businesses that are struggling to survive.

“With the coronavirus we have shifted nearly all of our resources for retention making sure our existing businesses are strong, giving them the resources they need to survive the pandemic and to come out of the other side of it not only here but in a position to grow,” said Willauer.

The credit union is expected to be open for business by this summer.

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