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Second woman comes forward alleging Bozeman chiropractor sexually assaulted her

Brett McMillan alleges Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm touched her inappropriately while performing a technique he called “muscle therapy.”
Posted at 11:01 AM, Jan 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-10 21:55:27-05

BOZEMAN — A Bozeman-based chiropractor came under fire in September after an Olympic bobsledder sued him, claiming Jonathan Wilhelm sexually assaulted her. Now, a local woman has come forward claiming she too was sexually assaulted.

“It was difficult to realize Dr. Wilhelm had sexually abused me, but he had also intentionally hurt me to gain access to that part of my body,” said Brett McMillan. “That’s when I decided to seek justice.”

On Jan. 8, Brett McMillan, a nurse and cosmetic injector in Bozeman filed a lawsuit against Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm, the owner of Pro Chiropractic. She says Wilhelm sexually assaulted her in 2022 while treating an injury he allegedly caused during a previous treatment session.

Despite coming in for shoulder and neck pain, McMillan says Wilhelm turned his attention to her lower body.

“He began yanking on my body with significant force,” said McMillan.

McMillan says Dr. Wilhelm’s adjustments left her with severe pain in her groin area. In her next visit, McMillan claims Wilhelm touched her inappropriately while performing a technique he called “muscle therapy.”

According to McMillan, these alleged actions left her in a state of distress, worry, and humiliation, in addition to the lingering pain and injury.

And, she’s not alone.

“When I read about Aja Evans' story of sexual abuse by Wilhelm it inspired me to come forward because her story was so eerily similar to mine,” said McMillan.

In September, Olympic bobsledder Aja Evans filed a lawsuit against Wilhelm, claiming he sexually harassed and sexually assaulted her during treatments multiple times from 2012 through 2022.

In an email, Dr. Wilhelm responded to these allegations:

“I deny the allegations raised by Ms. McMillan. These allegations are part and parcel of a larger smear campaign, motivated by greed, that have been initiated against me individually and my practice. I look forward to addressing these allegations head-on and I hope that when I am vindicated that those at the helm of this false narrative will exercise the same zest in clearing my name that they have employed in seeking to destroy it. I am grateful for my family, friends, and members of the community who have continued to express their support.”

McMillan says as a fellow medical professional, she gave Dr. Wilhelm her full trust, which she says he abused.

McMillan’s lawyer, Michelle Simpson Tuegel, sent us this statement:

"I hope Brett’s bravery in sharing her story inspires other survivors to come forward and seek justice as well. While nothing can erase the trauma Brett McMillan and Aja Evans have suffered, we are committed to bringing Mr. Wilhelm and any organizations that enabled his abuse to justice."

Looking toward the future, McMillan says she hopes for change.

“The women in this community deserve to know about Jonathan Wilhelm’s patterns of sexual abuse and I hope this increasing awareness of what happened to me spares other women from suffering the same abuse,” she said.

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