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Restored homes in Butte's Floral Park neighborhood go from Dust to Dazzle

Posted at 10:57 AM, Jun 28, 2024

BUTTE - This year’s Dust to Dazzle event in Butte is going to be unique. It’s going to center in the historic Floral Park neighborhood and it’s going to include this mid-20th Century minimalist home that Lola here has restore. Hey, do you mind if I take a tour.

“I wanted a project house and I definitely got a project house,” said Lola Hunter.

The former Butte native was living in Florida when she purchased the house at 2904 State Street sight unseen ion 2020. The kitchen needed the most restoration.

“It was pretty bad. It had wallpaper and really old cabinets and horrible flooring, so everything in here was brand new,” said Hunter.

The work Lola Hunter did on the home fits what Dust to Dazzle has been doing for nearly 20 years – showcasing what can be done to historic homes.

“Oh, you won’t believe what she has done to this house. It is beautiful inside, it’s just magical,” said Bobbi Stauffer with Butte Citizens for Preservation and Restoration.

Lola added copper fixture to the house in honor of her mother.

“She loved Butte so much that everything she talked about was Butte and so that’s why the copper comes in,” said Hunter.

Unlike past years, all homes are centered in and around the Floral Park neighborhood, which was first built in 1913 to look like a California neighborhood.

“That’s why they named it Floral Park and they did some research in what would grow down here. They were just trying to appeal to people who wanted to move down off the hill,” said Stauffer.

Lola said the project has brough her closer to her new home.

“You know, I’ve literally painted every inch of the walls and it’s just become mine,” said Hunter.

The event runs from noon to 5 p.m. June 29th and features five homs. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at any bookstore in Butte.