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Butte ready to celebrate Year of the Dragon with annual Chinese New Year parade

Posted at 8:42 AM, Feb 08, 2024

BUTTE - It’s the Year of the Dragon and, appropriately, Butte’s very own dragon will be leading this year's Chinese New Year Parade through Uptown Butte—known as the shortest, coldest, and loudest parade in Butte, so you ready?

“It’s the Year of the Dragon. Dragons are charismatic, intelligent, and courageous,” said Mai Wah Society President David Stonehocker.

For almost 30 years, Butte has been honoring the city’s Chinese history by hosting the parade in which the dragon gives a blessing of good fortune to several businesses in Uptown and people are encouraged to make noise to scare away evil spirits.

“Make lots of noise, so bring pots and pans and lids and things to make noise with,” said Stonehocker.

The parade recognizes the Chinese contributions to Butte history.

“There were somewhere around 1,100 Chinese in Butte providing all kinds of services, there were besides the laundry and mercantile and the restaurants. At one time there were nine noodle parlors here in Butte,” he said.

Children are invited to make their own dancing dragon at the Butte Library this week in honor of Chinese New Year.

“This is great because you can learn at home, and then you can come and appreciate it and then you have something to bring to the parade to go along with the gigantic dancing dragon,” said Butte Librarian Shari Curtis.

In the meantime, the dragon is on display in the rotunda of the Butte Courthouse. The parade begins at 3 p.m. Saturday in front of the courthouse.