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Butte gym works remotely with members, but wants to reopen soon

Posted at 11:47 AM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 13:47:36-04

Gym operators believe they can safely open their facilities just like restaurants, bars and casinos.

“We feel like we have every right to open. We can keep even some high standards than even than some of the other businesses that are allowed to operate currently,” said Kinetic Fitness owner Casey Kelly.

Kinetic Fitness in Butte, like other gyms and fitness centers across the state, have been pushing the state to give them a chance during the first phase to gradually reopen its doors to the public.

“There has been petitions that I’ve seen that we’ve have been sending out and signing, been in contact with the state hotline, our local health department,” said Kelly.


Over the past two months, Kinetic Fitness has been conducting workouts with its members remotely over the internet. Management has a plan to carefully return clients back to the gym once the restriction is lifted.

“We control the numbers, we control the access, we can control how distance people are when they’re coming and going and, obviously monitor all those contact points to make sure they’re clean,” said Kelly.

The folks here at Kinetic Fitness didn’t get into this business so they could do it remotely, but they learned to adjust during this difficult times.

“Kind of get creative and change up kind of how we’re servicing people, so we’ve gone to a remote platform, we’re able to keep people active, keep moving,” said Kelly.

The governors office confirmed it has received petitions from gym owners asking to reopen and the governor will make a decision soon.