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Bozeman residents prepare for fiber internet, construction expected in coming months

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Posted at 7:41 PM, Mar 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-22 16:20:15-04

BOZEMAN — Fiber internet is coming to Bozeman, which will have a significant impact on local residents and businesses, Yellowstone Fiber told MTN News on Tuesday.

Yellowstone Fiber said it will have 20 installation crews working this summer to eventually bring fiber internet to 45,000 customers, with the help of six providers.

“We plan to switch on day one. It's gonna be a big change for us and it's about half the price that we're paying now,” said Seth Ward, owner of Village Green Preservation, a business that digitizes historical archives.

He said he has had enough of unreliable internet.

“It might [have] several gigabytes of files to upload. We sit and wait for maybe half an hour for that to upload when I could be doing other things,” he explained, adding that fiber internet will help his business maximize productivity.

CEO of Yellowstone Fiber, Greg Metzger, said the project will happen in phases.

“We've got 15 different areas that we're doing at once. We have finished a phase on this Western side of town and now we're gonna start on the southern side and move north.”

The project is expected to finish in December 2025, at which point, Yellowstone Fiber said, it hopes to start installations in the county.

“So, as the weather improves and we actually begin all of our construction, we'll update [the map and timelines on our website] sometime in mid-April; first part of May. We should have an accurate portrayal of what we're doing for this construction season,” Metzger said.

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