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As retirement approaches, Montana Western Chancellor Dr. Beth Weatherby looks back at career

Posted at 8:57 AM, Apr 29, 2021

DILLON — This morning we continued our conversation with retiring Montana Western Chancellor Dr. Beth Weatherby.

Ending a career in education in the small town of Dillon might be scary for some - but Weatherby says Montana Western and Dillon were the perfect places to wrap up her career. She looks at Western’s Experience One curriculum plan as a fantastic way to truly educate young people. At Western much of that education takes place away from the campus, a lesson she learned soon after moving to Dillon. She noticed the large motor pool on campus when she first got there, and suggested that might be a good place to make some budget cuts.

She quickly learned that fleet is needed to get students out to classes all around Beaverhead County and beyond, where she says the real learning takes place.

Montana Western Chancellor Dr. Beth Weatherby prepares to step down