Daines shines spotlight on Montana’s smaller national parks

From battlefields to ranches, state is home to 9 national parks
Posted at 6:33 AM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-09 16:54:19-04

DEER LODGE - An official U.S. senate hearing on Montana’s national parks was held Thursday in a barn.

Senator Steve Daines, who chairs the Senate's subcommittee on national parks, held the hearing at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge to get feedback from those in the state's tourism industry.

The hearing focused on bringing more attention to Montana’s smaller state parks Like the one in Deer Lodge.

“To see that we can drive more visitation to these parks because it helps our communities, these tourism dollars are essential to community like Deer Lodge. (They) can use a shot in the arm. This is a way to highlight the economic opportunity we have here,” said Daines.

Aside from Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Montana has several other small national parks.