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A Waiting Child: Meet Vanessa from Kalispell

This month's A Waiting Child is Vanessa who has many interests including animals, sports and arts and crafts
Vanessa A Waiting Child
Posted at 9:47 AM, Jun 17, 2024

BUTTE — Every month, MTN features a child in Montana who is waiting to find their forever family as part of the “A Waiting Child” program.

Every month, we feature a child in Montana who is waiting to find their forever family as part of our “A Waiting Child,” program. This month we head to Kalispell to meet 16-year-old Vanessa.

Vanessa has many interests including animals, sports and arts and crafts. And she has some big plans for the future.

“My favorite hobby would probably be volleyball and like doing like arts and crafts and being creative. I like doing arts and crafts, I like doing them, they keep me calm and everything,” Vanessa said.

“Another thing I like I can do is like finish it cause life is a non-ending story so things that I can finish, I love doing, depending on what it is,” Vanessa told MTN. “When I turn an adult, I will probably start my own business, a daycare, cause I love kids and because a lot of daycares cost a lot of money and a lot of people who need them can’t really afford it so that's gonna be like my side job.”

“A good family for me looks like, ya know, they just love me and care for me and like be there for me when I need it...that would actually be like, if I had a home that was stable and they cared and I don’t just like...have a person to talk to,” Vanessa continued. “Like I think that would be really good for me because...I’ve never really had that with my foster families.”

“So, I have grown a lot and one of the things that I really struggled with was substances and like my emotions and everything...definitely my relationship,” Vanessa told MTN. “But I’ve improved that very much. And, along with my emotions. I’ve learned to cope with everything that has happened to me and I’ve learned how to accept that.”

Contact the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services (DPHHS) at 1-866-9-FOSTER for more information about adoption and/or fostering.

Children who are available for adoption through the Child & Family Services (CFS) Division of the DPHHS have been removed from their own families because of abuse, neglect, or other family problems that make it unsafe for them to remain at home. The rights of their parents have been terminated making the children available for adoption.

Who May Adopt? Either married couples or single adults who have an approved pre-placement evaluation or adoptive home study may adopt in the State of Montana.

How do I get a home study? If you live in Montana, you may begin the process by contacting your CFS office. If you live outside of Montana, contact your state or local office that provides these services.

What about training? Montana Child and Family Services requires and provides special training to all of our foster and adoptive parents. The training is offered at various times and places around the State of Montana.

Click here to learn more about child adoption in Montana.