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A Waiting Child: Aidhen

Posted at 7:52 AM, Apr 18, 2022

Every month, MTN News features a child in Montana who is waiting to find their forever family as part of our “A Waiting Child” program.

This month we went to Anaconda to meet a young boy who loves video games, reading and being around others. Aidhen is one of the sweetest little guys you will ever meet.

"My name is Aidhen. I like to play, I like Minecraft, Roblox, I actually like funny Youtube videos," Aidhen said.

Grace Wadlington is a field leading training specialist with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

"He is very caring," said Wadlington. "He interacts well with other kids his own age. He actually was recently Student of the Week in his 4th grade class and he was so proud of himself for that."

Aidhen said he likes school.

"My favorite subject is science and math," he said. "I am not like a nerd like that, not like a nerd."

Wadlington said Aidhen is ready to join a family.

"He wants a family who will love him unconditionally and I think that is his number one wish right now, is to have a family," she said.

Aidhen knows what he is looking for most in a family.

"Someone who is there for me, someone who is helpful, cool, nice," he said. "I just want to be part of a family so I can have a good life."

Wadlington said Aidhen would do best in a supportive environment.

He really requires a family who understands that he needs positive reinforcement, and he just deserves this," she said. "He is ten years old. He’s a very, very sweet little boy. He doesn’t want anything more than a family. You know he’s told me that over and over and over again, that he just wants a family."

For over 30 years, MTN has worked with the state of Montana to provide forever homes for foster children in our state. “A Waiting Child” is also sponsored across Montana by Wendy’s and First Interstate Bank.

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