Windy transition to a wintery weekend

Posted at 8:22 AM, Oct 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-16 10:22:02-04

Today's Forecast:
We will see a significant change in our weather pattern over the next 24-36 hours. Gusty winds and highs near 60° are expected for your Friday. Winds will be gusting out of the west to southwest between 20-40 mph. Showers are expected to roll into the area for the evening with a quick changeover to snow overnight. Snowfall through Saturday morning will likely be between1”-2” with a total of 2”-4” for the Bozeman area by Saturday evening.

BOZEMAN: High: 61; Low: 30. Stout southwest winds are expected for the afternoon between 30-40 mph. A cold front will bring scattered rain through the evening with a transition to bands of moderate snow overnight. Expect 1”-2” by mid-morning Saturday with scattered snow showers during Saturday afternoon.

BUTTE: High: 59; Low: 32. Gusty winds with more clouds for the afternoon. Highs will fall quickly tonight as a cold front move through. Scattered rain showers are expected for the early evening with snow developing overnight. Accumulations through mid-morning Saturday will likely leave 1”-2” of fresh snow with light snow expected to continue into the early evening.

DILLON: High: 61; Low: 38. Gusty west winds are expected through the afternoon. Rain and snow showers are expected tonight with little to no accumulation expected.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: High: 48; Low: 32. Breezy but cool for your Friday. A cold front is expected to slide into the area through the overnight with scattered snow showers early on Saturday morning. Accumulations are expected to be less than 1” through Sunday evening.