Latest details on snow Friday night and Saturday

Posted at 3:50 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 17:50:19-05

Tonight’s Forecast:
Light snow showers are expected to pick up after sunset this evening with the heaviest snow expected before dawn Saturday.  Lows will fall back to the teens and 20s with highs on Saturday topping out near freezing.  Most areas should expect 1”-2” with a few areas picking up as much as 2”-4” by noon Saturday.

BOZEMAN: Low- 22; High Saturday – 32. Snow showers pick up overnight with the heaviest snow expected through the overnight hours.  We could see snow between 2”-4” through noon Saturday before snow tapers and our skies clear.

BUTTE: Low- 17; High Saturday – 31. Light snow is expected through the early part of Saturday.  Models indicate that Butte and the surrounding area should see 1” or less.

DILLON: Low- 17; High Saturday – 33. Light snow showers will continue through the evening and early hours on Saturday before clearing during the morning.  Snow showers will top out around 1”.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: Low- 12; High Saturday – 29. Scattered snow showers continue through the evening and early hours on Saturday and our skies will begin clearing Saturday morning.

Snow showers will taper off on Saturday with clearing skies.  Temperatures will bottom out under mostly clear skies on Saturday evening.  Look for highs in the upper 20s on Sunday with chilly highs dropping to the low 20s by the middle of next week.