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This Zoo Is Auctioning Off The Chance To Name An Endangered Baby Siamang

This Zoo Is Auctioning Off The Chance To Name An Endangered Baby Siamang
Posted at 7:40 AM, Aug 16, 2022

Siamangs are primates that inhabit the Malay Peninsula and Sumatran rain and monsoon forests in South Asia. They are endangered because of the illegal pet trade and habitat loss. They often mate for life, and fathers are heavily involved in caring for the babies, which are absolutely adorable.

Now that you know a little about these marvelous creatures, how would you like the chance to name one?

The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk participates in a Species Survival Program for all gibbon species, including siamangs. Along with donating to various global conservation efforts to help save these primates from extinction, the program monitors breeding in zoos to help ensure the survival of the species.


Recently, a pair of the zoo’s siamang residents welcomed their own bundle of joy, complete with a birth announcement posted to Facebook.

“BABY ALERT – Our siamangs are parents! Zoo Keepers found 33-year-old mom, Malana, with her newborn infant on Sunday morning,” The Virginia Zoo posted in June. “Both mom and baby appear to be doing well and the baby is nursing.”

The father was revealed to be an 18-year-old named Bali, while the sex of the baby was not immediately determined so it could have uninterrupted bonding time with its mother. Along with the announcement, the zoo posted some pics of the new family.

The Virginia Zoo is holding an online auction to raise funds for its Act for Wildlife conservation fund. The auction began on Aug. 8, and will end on Aug. 19 at 5 p.m. Eastern. The highest bidder will have the honor of naming the baby.

There are a few guidelines for anyone considering placing a bid.

  • The name cannot be a duplicate of any other animal at the Virginia Zoo, due to medical documentation and record keeping.
  • Of course, the baby siamang’s name cannot contain inappropriate, offensive or objectionable words.
  • Finally, all names are subject to approval by the Virginia Zoo.

You can find out more or place a bid on the zoo’s auction webpage. At the time of this writing, the high bid was already over $1,200!

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