Viewer Spotlight: How Scripps News will continue to cover international conflicts, without opinion or spin

Viewers called into our hotline this week to share their thoughts on our coverage of the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza.
United Nations Hunger in Gaza
Posted at 11:31 AM, Apr 26, 2024

Each week, we take a moment to respond to some of the calls we receive on our toll-free Scripps News Viewer Hotline. Several of you have called in recently to thank or critique our coverage on international conflicts.

Vivian from Arizona:
"I think if anything may be helping some of the politicians to open their eyes and realize that we have to help Ukraine because it's for the good of everyone — including the United States — it's because of people like you and reporting like yours. Thank you so very much for keeping democracy alive — that's what I call it. Good information is tantamount to good democracy."

Tommy from Michigan:
"I just wanted to comment and say it's kind of shocking that Scripps News continues to provide a fairly unbiased view of Israel's assaults in Gaza ... but from time to time, there's been a push by the network to show things that are probably biased for Israel, and that includes interviewing IDF members."

Like you, we believe these conflicts deserve thoughtful, in-depth coverage. That's why we've devoted resources to putting journalists on the ground to bear personal witness, build sources, and report back what they see and hear.

A child on a missing poster in Israel

Israel at War

Families race to make sure young hostages in Gaza aren't forgotten

Jason Bellini
7:38 PM, Nov 02, 2023

We strive to report on all relevant perspectives, including some whose experiences and values lead them to support Israel's actions, while others' experiences and values may lead them to be critical. That's why we aim to provide the facts and a variety of representative perspectives so you can form your own opinions.

Your interest in important global events and your expectation of fair coverage from us is why our Emmy award-winning documentary series "In Real Life" kicks off its season premiere this weekend with a story that transports us to Israel, the West Bank, and even behind the media blockade in Gaza.

The premiere combines on-the-ground reporting from correspondent Sebastian Walker and satellite imagery analysis in partnership with Bellingcat. It features a range of voices you may have never heard from before, including on the war's impacts, its shifting front lines, and its significance for real people. We hope you'll tune in for the premiere this Sunday, April 28, at 8 p.m. ET.

Our goal each and every day is to present the world to you — from global war zones to local communities like your own. So let us know how we're doing and give us a call anytime on our toll-free Scripps News Viewer Hotline.