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Riley Strain's toxicology report released after medical examiner findings

The University of Missouri senior disappeared after a night out with friends in Nashville and was later found dead.
Death of Mizzou student Riley Strain appears to be accidental
Posted at 11:10 AM, Jun 18, 2024

A toxicology report for Riley Strain showed his blood alcohol level was nearly triple the legal limit when he died. Police found the 22-year-old's body in the Cumberland River in March.

Strain, 22, was a University of Missouri senior who disappeared after a night out with friends in downtown Nashville on March 8.

Surveillance video and body-cam footage were released detailing the night, as well as a statement from Luke Bryan's bar, where Strain was seen. The bar claimed they only ever sold him one alcoholic beverage and two glasses of water. He went missing after he was asked to leave the bar.

The report showed Strain's blood alcohol level was .228. He also had traces of Delta 9 in his system. Delta 9 is a legal form of THC that is readily available in Tennessee.

Cameras tracked Strain's movements around downtown Nashville, but no cameras pinpointed him being on the banks of the Cumberland or caught his fall.

His autopsy revealed that Strain's death was accidental.

This story was originally published by Emily R. West at Scripps News Nashville.