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Drawn to Bikes | Strong Frames | Under the Big Sky

Posted at 8:21 AM, Apr 29, 2019

In this Under the Big Sky bonus, Carl Strong of Strong Frames and Pursuit Cycles in Bozeman, Montana, reflects on his early interest in bikes and the road that lead to building his own.

Bicycles have been the center of Carl Strong’s life since he can remember. His earliest memories and some of the best are of Carl and his brother going to BMX races. Carl loves my bikes and when he wasn’t riding, racing or going to school Carl was working on them. Now about 3500 frames later Carl is still building. He sees no end in sight and has no plans to retire.

“If I’m lucky I’ll be building frames in thirty years” says Strong.

Most frame builders are craftspeople above all else. Pursuing perfection with every new design and build. It has taken Carl years to reach a level of perfection and quality reserved for a precious few frame builders. All of them consider masters of their craft.

What separates Strong Frames from most is not the fact that they have built thousands of frames, or that their frames are straighter or that they have nicer welds. What separates them is the process they have cultivated over the last 25-plus years of building frames. All the knowledge, experience and information gathered about a customers’ goals and priorities and embracing that process in every frame design they ultimately build.

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