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Zulily Has Kids’ ‘Stranger Things’ Costumes At $25 Each

Zulily Has Kids’ ‘Stranger Things’ Costumes At $25 Each
Posted at 8:05 AM, Aug 19, 2022

Chrissy, wake up! It’s almost Halloween! Time to start shopping for costumes, and if you’re a “Stranger Things” fan, Zulily has you covered. The retailer, known for daily deals and unique finds, has a collection of “Stranger Things” costumes (and many others) for Halloween that you and your kids will love.

From iconic looks seen in the hit Netflix series to those found on characters from more kid-friendly shows, take a look at some of the great costumes Zulily has already rolled out for Halloween 2022.

If you’re dying to dress your child in a “Stranger Things” costume this year, Zulily currently has four that will have them looking like they just arrived from Hawkins, Indiana. All of the costumes come in three sizes: Medium (8+), Large (10-12) and Extra Large (14-16). Each “Stranger Things” costume is $24.99, no matter what size you choose.

‘Stranger Things’ Lucas Costume


Lucas Sinclair is one of the original protagonists from “Stranger Things,” going back to the first season in 2016. Clever and witty, he’s not shy about speaking his mind or putting himself on the line when one of his friends (or his girlfriend, Max) is in danger.

This costume portrays Lucas in his Hawkins High School basketball team uniform, which he wore often during season four. The three-piece costume includes a white jacket layered over his Hawkins No. 8 shirt and green warm-up pants with a white stripe down each leg. The outfit is 100% polyester and features easy hook-and-loop closures.

‘Stranger Things’ Steve Costume


Steve Harrington has held a couple of jobs during “Stranger Things,” but his most recent position has been at Family Video. This costume is a copy of Steve’s striped polo shirt layered with his work vest. It comes embellished with his nametag, a mock video store name (Video Stop, but we get the idea) and a pocket. It’s 100% polyester with hook-and-loop closures.

Pair the top with a pair of jeans and some perfectly moussed hair, and your trick-or-treater will be good to go.

‘Stranger Things’ Robin Costume


Robin Buckley is Steve’s close friend and works alongside him at Family Video (after their stint scooping ice cream together in season three), so it only makes sense that this costume would also mimic her work outfit. Not one to follow traditional gender norms, the ensemble has Robin wearing her work vest over a plaid shirt and blazer topped with a tie. The vest includes her nametag and “Ask Me!” and “Ms.” buttons.

‘Stranger Things’ Argyle Costume



The last “Stranger Things” costume for kids available from Zulily right now is of Argyle, one of the more recent additions to the show’s huge cast. This costume comes with a layered shirt, with the bottom shirt sporting the Surfer Boy Pizza logo and the open button-up over top bearing his nametag.

It also includes his decidedly ’80s blue decorated pants. Unfortunately, a wig is not included, but a long black one matching his epic locks shouldn’t be hard to track down.

Other Kids Costumes at Zulily

There are several other kids’ Halloween costumes available at Zulily. You can find costumes inspired by everything from “Minecraft” to Lego to Nick Jr., PBS Kids and Disney Princesses. However, you won’t want to wait, as items at Zulily tend to go quickly.



If you see a “Stranger Things” costume or any other item on Zulily that you really like, it’s wise to buy it right away, as once items there are gone, they’re typically gone for good. Still, they sometimes turn up again in another “event” and you can click the “notify me” button on the product page to be messaged if the item comes back in stock.

Zulily’s shipping time frame differs from other online retailers and depends on the ordered items. The company makes bulk orders for most items after each sales event ends and then fulfills the orders. You can see when an item will ship in the product description.

Although shipping rates vary, you can receive 30 days of free shipping for an extra $5 through the site by adding this offer to your cart.

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