The Yogo Sapphire Mine is Reopening!

12:55 PM, Feb 07, 2018
11:50 AM, Jul 11, 2019

You read that right! The Montana Yogo sapphire Vortex mine in Judith Basin County — right in the heart of the state — is reopening! These precious products of the Treasure State will once again be sustainably mined from the earth and perfected by the artisans at The Gem Gallery in Bozeman.


New Owners, Treasured History

Yogo sapphires are globally acclaimed gemstones known for their deep blue color and natural beauty. Even more importantly, they’re beloved by residents of Montana who know a thing or two about natural beauty.

Don Baide, the owner of The Gem Gallery, announced in 2017 that he had negotiated the purchase of the Vortex mine after his friend and previous owner Mike Roberts passed away. Baide will carry on his friend’s legacy and begin mining operations as soon as the weather allows this spring.

A Dedication to the Earth’s Treasures

Don and his son, Jason, are known for his devotion to quality goldsmithing and jewelry design, as well as their love of these treasured gemstones from their home state. Don and Jason are fourth and fifth generation Montanans, their family having arrived in the state in the early 1800s. A lifelong rock hound, Don founded the family business, The Gem Gallery, in Bozeman in 1994, and they’ve been producing stunning jewelry ever since, making the store itself a beloved part of the city’s small business community.

Not only are Don and Jason trained gemologists and goldsmiths, but they are also worldwide authorities on Yogos. Don has traveled the world speaking about Montana’s precious gems, as well as obtaining beautiful raw materials for his business.

Know Your Yogos

If you’re on the lookout for a truly remarkable precious stone, one full of both Montana history and rare beauty, then look no further than Yogo sapphires. The only place in the world they exist is one small area of Montana where the conditions millions of years ago were just right. The elements aligned to create a deep blue stone that requires no heat treatments to bring out its natural beauty (unlike 95% of the world’s sapphires). Yogos have become world renowned for their vibrant color and internal clarity.Yogos for Your Valentine


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a Montana Yogo sapphire could be a unique gift for that special someone in your life. Stop in to The Gem Gallery today and bring home your piece of Montana’s treasure.


The Gem Gallery is located at 402 East Main Street in Bozeman, Montana. Call 406-587-9339 or stop by!

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