Showdown wraps up ski season

Avery Patrick, Showdown marketing director
Showdown Ski Area
Showdown Ski Area
Posted at 8:13 AM, Apr 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 10:13:55-04

NEAR NEIHART — It was a sunny last day of ski season at Showdown Montana on Sunday, April 3, 2022. The staff at the mountain already have a plan in the works for next season as well.

This past winter was a bit on the mild side, but the ski season was anything but, with more than 200 total inches of snowfall. It wasn’t the most snow they’ve ever seen at the hill, but they still say it was a great year for them.

“We had a great season, we hate to see it come to an end. We’re at about 90% of our usual snowpack. A lot of people are feeling a little bit of a drought but our snow conditions were able to stay pretty consistent,” said Avery Patrick, Showdown marketing director.

Thousands of people spent their winter up at showdown and they’re all eagerly waiting it’s return next winter.

Taylor Scally was one of those people, driving down from Great Falls. She said she went a number of times this year and loved the snow.

“It was awesome. The mountain was nice and warm today for the last run and the snow was great. A lot of snow this year and we got up quite a few times and we had a blast,” Scally said.

Total numbers are still being calculated but visits and tickets are up from last year as Showdown looks forward to another season next winter.

Drayke Holefelder is another Great Falls resident who made it to showdown for the final day, with a snowboard being his method of shredding.

“I’ve been boarding for about 18, 19 years now. I grew up on the mountain. Absolutely love it every Haven’t missed a season yet. Little warmer than usual but it was nice, really nice for our last day,” Holefelder said.

Showdown staff say nothing solid is planned yet, but there are talks of expansion they hope to get done by next season so they can accommodate more people. They’re discussing expanding the main lodge by the parking lot to fit more people at once.

“We’re working on a plan and hoping to have it ready for next year for a little bit of expansion and more seating for people,” Engagement director Rickey Nash said. “We have some ideas in the works. Nothing solidified yet but we’re working on it. Our lodge can be packed on the weekends, as I’m sure a lot of people know. Our main goal is additional seating for people so we can fit more families and fit more skiers and riders.”

We also tried to contact Teton Pass ski area west of Choteau who did not reply, but are open for another week. They close next Sunday April 10th.