Mountains Walking Brewery opens for Phase One

Posted at 4:52 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-04 22:02:16-04

BOZEMAN — Many restaurants are opening Monday under phase one of Governor Bullock’s plan to reopen Montana. One of those is Mountains Walking Brewery.

“I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how this all plays out and to see people in here again will be kind of weird because it has been a little while.," said founder and owner Gustav Dose.

The restaurant is doing what it can to stay clean with workers having to wear masks at all times and keeping customers socially distanced.

“Well the tables are set far apart, reservations only, constant cleaning, sanitization — and really make it comfortable for people that are here,” Dose said.

Even though it’s an exciting day, Dose remains cautious.

“As a business owner I try to be on the careful side and the cautious side to make sure that people are safe here, particularly our customers and our staff,” said Dose.

Dose does know that not everyone will be open to coming back into restaurants right away, but at least it will be the start of returning to normal.

“To give people a chance to come back and feel a little bit of normal," he said. "A lot of our normal (customers) have been asking me, hey when can we come in? I can wait until your open, but you can’t sit at the bar and stuff like that.”

It will be nice however, to see those familiar faces of customers once again.

“It will be really fun to see people walk through those doors again and have a seat and kind of get a taste of returning back to whatever the new normal may be, “ said Dose.

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