Gallatin Valley Food Bank encourages residents to pickup free groceries

Posted at 7:21 PM, Apr 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 21:21:03-04

GALLATIN COUNTY — During this time, residents shouldn’t have to decide between paying their bills or buying groceries, and one local nonprofit wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone in the Gallatin County community.

“I feel like there’s a lot of people that could maybe use what little money they have to pay their rent and then come here to get groceries and help create a more stable environment for their family,” said Jill Holder, the Food and Nutrition Director for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

At first, a lot of people were utilizing the Food Bank’s services.

“We’ve of course seen an increase in March, immediately when the news broke. We saw a lot more people. Now, it’s leveling off kind of to normal terms,” Holder said.

But the nonprofit would love for more people to come get free food.

“Anybody can come. There are no income restrictions. We’re going to ask super basic information and it’s really an easy service. Basically, you’re driving up and getting food,” she said.

The food bank realizes this pandemic has interrupted everyone’s lives, including children.

“Kids right now are not in school. Normally, a lot of children get free meals from their food service at school or reduced priced meals, some sort of meal service when they’re in school,” explained Lyra Leigh-Nedbor, the Childhood Nutrition Programs Coordinator for the HRDC.

But that’s not stopping this community from making sure the children are fed.

“We’re contracting with the Bozeman School District food service to get these lunches, so the bag lunches have a lunch for today or that day that they pick up and then a breakfast for the next day," Leigh-Nedbor said.

School lunches can also be picked up at several school locations throughout the county.

The food bank will be offering the service Monday through Friday from 1 until 4 PM in the food bank's parking lot.

For a list of places offering those free lunches and breakfast, please visit here.

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