Avoiding the Quarantine-15: How to stay healthy at home

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Posted at 8:29 PM, Apr 21, 2020
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BOZEMAN -- You've probably heard of the expression, the Freshman-15, but a new trend online is calling this time the Quarantine-15. Staying inside, working from home, and getting out less often has some in fear of gaining weight.

But Montana State University Sports Dietitian Brittney Patera says this new normal shouldn’t change many eating habits.

“I think it’s a huge misconception, is if you’re not moving around or active, you only have to eat once or twice, where I find it very important to continue to eat frequently so putting something in your body every three hours to keep your metabolism high,” Patera said.

But it should change what we’re eating. Patera recommends having half of your diet consist of fruits and vegetables. But above all to avoid weight gain during this new sedentary lifestyle, she has a tip.

“My biggest advice is to establish a routine, so create a schedule for yourself," said Patera. "Right now people aren’t working so it’s easy just to keep staying up late and then sleeping in, but establishing that routine of going back to normal sleep hours trying to create a pattern of when you’re eating.”

Patera said that stress eating during a time like this is normal. And if a few pounds are added on, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about right now.

“I don’t think it should be of too much concern because I’m hopeful that we’re going to be out of this soon and lives are going to go back to normal and this isn’t forever. And so I think people are doing what they can and doing a little weight gain, it’s not ideal, but it’s okay,” she said.

And above all, Patera says enjoy your food.

“I encourage everyone to take this time and try cooking and exploring new things and kind of having fun with food,” she said.

Patera also posts nutrition tips and recipes on her Instagram page through the University. To find her tips, click here.

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