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Biden admits debate errors, tries to calm worry about his abilities

The president made a public appearance at a North Carolina rally, admitting he doesn't "debate as well" as he used to.
President Joe Biden at a rally after the debate with Donald Trump
Posted at 1:49 PM, Jun 28, 2024

President Biden and other Democrats went into the day after the debate full throttle, looking to convince the American people that he is still the one to beat Donald Trump in November.

The president worked to make a strong showing at a Raleigh, North Carolina rally, admitting to the crowd that he doesn't "debate as well as" he used to. But he said he knows "how to do this job."

"I know how to get things done,” the president said.

He was met by a high-energy crowd who at one point were even heard chanting "four more years."

The rally was quick, about 18 minutes, as reporters there noted.

Former President Barack Obama said in a message on social media Friday, "Bad debate nights happen." He defended the president and called his opponent — former President Trump — someone who "lies through his teeth."

Vice President Kamala Harris came out just after the debate on Thursday night to tell CNN's Anderson Cooper on live television, "I'm not going to spend all night here talking about the last 90 minutes when I've seen the last three years of performance."

She said, "Do we want to look at what November will bring? Do we want to be on a course about strengthening America's economy?"

The Biden campaign said it hasn't been focused on the performative aspects of the debate. It said the president's efforts will go full speed from the North Carolina rally and on to a list of other states for fund-raising events.