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Bridger Creek opens golf course for spring season

Bridger Creek Golf Course opens for spring season
Posted at 4:40 PM, Apr 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-04 18:10:33-04

BOZEMAN — With winter snow melted and ever warmer weather on the way, the Bridger Creek Golf Course couldn’t have picked a better time to open its golf course for the spring season.

“Right now, everything’s open," Bridger Creek PGA director Mark Holiday said. "All 18 holes, Rocky Mountain Gold Academy, the driving range - everything’s open right now. Carts are going, so it’s just like July.”

Bridger Creek opened its course partially to golfers last week for walking only, still waiting for some areas to dry out.

But after a warm past few days, the golf course is now completely open with golf carts.

“When we first start opening, there are a few holes on the bottom side where the trees keep the sun from hitting the snow, and we close those, but now we’re all open," Holiday said.

Not much has changed on the golf course since closing in October, but there are a few COVID-19 precautions to still be aware of.

“Things have changed a lot because we know what’s going on now where before last year people had no idea really what you could get COVID from touching something or how close you had to be with them and all of that, so right now we still have the cups that you pull up and don’t touch the cup," Holiday added. "We don’t have rakes on the course, that kind of thing, but in terms of capacity that’s really not an issue outdoors at this point because they’re all spread apart over 150 acres anyways.”

Bridger Creek does allow walk-ups, but scheduling a tee time in advance is highly recommended.

“The golfers are just chomping at the bit. They want to get out and play. They haven’t golfed since last October, so they’re really ready to go.”

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