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Bake Your Heart Out With This 3-Piece Nordic Ware Baking Tray Set—On Sale 31% Off Right Now

Bake Your Heart Out With This 3-Piece Nordic Ware Baking Tray Set—On Sale 31% Off Right Now
Posted at 11:40 AM, Aug 19, 2022

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A good baking tray set can make life in the kitchen easier. Well-made sheet pans can act as the workhorses of the kitchen, baking a range of items from sweet to savory. These will allow you the flexibility to create delicious and easy sheet pan dinners for weeknight meals, binge-worthy chocolate chip cookies and more.

There’s a highly-rated Nordic Ware 3-Piece Baker’s Delight Set on sale on Amazon right now for $35.99 — a 31% discount off its list price!

Nordic Ware Baking Set

Get a quarter sheet, half sheet and jelly roll sheet with this Nordic Ware nonstick aluminum set that’s made in the U.S. The encapsulated galvanized steel rims prevent it from warping in the oven. The company claims you’ll have evenly-browned results every time you bake because of the superior heat conductivity of pure, uncoated aluminum. These sheets should also never rust.

This 3-Piece Nordic Ware Set averages a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars rating, with more than 45,700 global ratings! It’s the No. 1 Best Seller in the Baking & Cookie Sheets category and ranks highly for heat distribution, durability and versatility.

Natural aluminum pans are a cinch to clean up when used with parchment paper, silicone baking mats, oil or butter. Only nylon, wood or silicone utensils are recommended as other metals and scouring pads might scratch their surface. It’s important to remember that aluminum doesn’t play well with acidic ingredients, like vinegar or tomatoes. They may pit, darken or corrode the pan after extended use.

cookies on nordic ware tray

These pans have stellar reviews, with 85% of users giving them five stars for a 4.8 average rating.

People enjoyed these Nordic Ware sheets for various reasons. Take Kitty, for example, who found the quarter sheet pan was perfectly sized for cooking for one.

“I was pleased about the sturdiness and thickness of the metal. I also found it to fit perfectly the small amount of food I needed to bake,” the user said.

Another reviewer raved about Nordic Ware’s quality and durability, Meanwhile, April liked how they’ve held up. saying they were purchased in October of 2020 and are still amazing after two years of use.

Stacy m said, “I’ve purchased many sheet pans in my lifetime but these are the best! Especially for the money. I’ve paid considerably more in the past for pans that would ‘pop’ when I put them in the oven (if you know, you know) and start discoloring almost immediately. These are amazing!”

nordic ware baking set sizes

Many of the negative reviews mention that they aren’t dishwasher safe. Nordic Ware does recommend hand washing — with a non-scratching scrubber, as we noted above.

If you need a baking pan refresh, here’s your chance to upgrade!

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