Taking a look inside: $22M renovations at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel now complete

Hotel was constructed in several phases, starting in 1882, continuing in 1913
Posted at 10:00 AM, Aug 30, 2019
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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — Starting today, you have a few more options for places to stay in Yellowstone National Park.

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel has been closed for a major renovation project completed over two years in two phases.

The hotel was constructed in several phases, starting in 1882, continuing in 1913. It was then renovated in 1936.

Today, the building is ready to once again take in guests - and more importantly, is ready for the future.

“The best part of these projects is that these hotels, they’re really a cultural icon for our park and it’s an opportunity for the public to experience history in a very meaningful way, staying in these rooms,” said Peter Galindo, Yellowstone National Park engineer. “You know, how often do you get to stay in a historic hotel?”

Visitors to the park who opt to stay at the historic hotel will experience modern convenience and safety.

In 2017, earthquake stabilization and lobby upgrades were part of the Phase I project. Phase II focused on the guest rooms.

“Very exciting, we started the lobby work two or three years ago,” said Galindo. “We’ve been doing this work, so when we’re done, hopefully we’re going to be done-done and we won’t have to come back and do more work on this hotel for quite a while.”

What was 110 guest rooms, some with bathrooms, most having to share facilities down the hall, is now a state-of-the-art lodging facility. Electrical and plumbing are up to code, and the building is ADA compliant thanks to an elevator.

Fire protection was added - sprinklers weren’t standard in 1930s construction. Basically, the $22.7 million renovation keeps the historic structure looking and feeling like it always has, while giving the guests modern comforts not dreamed of in the 1930s.

“They’ll still be able to have a wonderful experience but they’re going to be a little more comfortable, especially in the summer when the room’s kind of hot,” said Galindo. “They’ll stay cooler now and in the winter when the rooms get kind of cold, they’ll stay warmer. They’ll be much more comfortable.”

The hotel has been closed since last winter so crews could finish the work on the guest rooms.

DID YOU KNOW? The hotel features its signature Map Room containing a large wooden map of the United States constructed of 15 different woods from nine countries.

Work complete on Yellowstone's Mammoth Hotel