Property tax rally held at the State Capitol

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Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-03 22:10:52-04

HELENA — On Monday, October 2, Big Sky 55+ hosted a "Fair Tax Now" rally at the Montana State Capitol, with both sides of the isle taking

The Capitol Rotunda was filled with Montanans from all over the state Monday afternoon.

They gathered to talk about the rise in property taxes.
Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer spoke to the crowd.

Schweitzer, a Democrat, took aim at the Republican supermajority in the legislature.

“So here in Montana, we elected more republicans than any time in the history of the state,” Schweitzer said.

He said lawmakers focused too much on corporate tax cuts and not enough on Montana families.

“All of those corporate interests that were flying in here from every place around the county, and they were all getting their tax breaks, and they ran out of time. So, they got to the end, and they said oh my god we didn’t do anything about homeowners well that’s alright were going home,” said Schweitzer.

Republicans fired back in a news release.


Legislative leaders cited the property tax rebate that returned $675 to residential property owners, and an income tax rebate that returned up to $1250 to Montana families.


Additionally, they noted they had filed public information requests seeking information about legislative Democrats’ tax rebates.

Record Request.png

They said that 47 of the 48 Democrats serving in the legislature voted against the bills providing property tax rebates to Montanans.

Governor Greg Gianforte's Office issued a statement in response to the rally. Kaitlin Price, a spokesperson for the Governor's Office said. “It was great to see the former governor visit us from his home in Arizona to tell another one of his infamous tall tales. His knack for showmanship trumped the truth, again. In fact, Governor Gianforte and legislators didn’t raise property taxes, but instead, they provided hardworking Montanans with the largest income and property tax rebates in state history, up to $3,850. This is in stark contrast to the former governor’s $400 property tax rebate from many, many years ago, which he turned around and taxed as income.”

10/03/2023: This story was updated to include a statement the office of Governor Greg Gianforte.