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'1000 In Action' works to promote child welfare

Jen Barnett, 1000 In Action
Posted at 6:04 PM, Apr 07, 2022

GREAT FALLS — A group called "1000 In Action" recently donated to the Great Falls Police Department, Great Falls Fire Rescue, and the Department of Family Services.

Each department got $750 and the DFS received $1,500.

Co-found Jen Barnett explained, “It means a lot to us. It’s a lot of time and effort and thought, and finally being able to put that all together and put it to good use and that it’s happening and coming to fruition - it’s such a big deal to us.”

Fire and police will use the money when they see a need in the community such as buying a car seat or a crib for someone that needs it. They say they often see families in need out on the job and will be able to help their community that much more.

Nolan Eggen of Great Falls Fire Rescue was presented with the fire department’s portion of the donation and said he’s seen many instances of families needing things on call.

“I think it’s a great resource for us here at the fire department. We have a lot of interaction with the community, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It gives us the opportunity to have a little bit of funding to provide things that some of these kids may need,” Eggen said.

Detective Cara Guderian received the police department’s donation. She also noted that police frequently see families in need.

“It was awesome. A lot of times we have patrol officers that may encounter a family on the streets that may need a little extra help, and maybe they need formula or something with a kiddo. We see it quite frequently,” Guderian said.

For more information about 1000 In Action, visit their website or their Facebook page.