Ennis preparing for fly fishing and outdoor festival to mark the end of summer season

Montanans keep fly fishing industry afloat during pandemic
Posted at 4:36 PM, Aug 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-03 17:27:31-04

ENNIS — Ennis is getting ready to throw a festival celebrating its fly fishing roots.

"The fly fishing festival brings people from all over southwest Montana and beyond to enjoy our city, get to see some new equipment, what’s the latest and greatest, some art, all things surrounding fly fishing and the Madison River. It’s a great celebration of our town and the industry," said Marshall Bettendorf.

Bettendorf, director of the Ennis Chamber of Commerce, says that the Chamber runs at least six different festivals throughout the year. The festivals add to the growth of their community.

"We’re a really growing community too and part of it is that we do have these festivals, people come in, see what a great little town this is, and a lot of people come back for more," said Bettendorf.

The fly fishing and outdoor festival celebrate one of Ennis and Montana’s beloved recreational activities.

"I call this the cultural epicenter of trout in Montana, so the whole town’s economy, as well as our business, revolves around the fly fishing industry," said John Way.

Way owns The Tackle Shop in Ennis and says that the town has embraced the fly fishing community.

"It’s a great way to not only celebrate fly fishing and the Madison River which we’re really blessed to have here in Ennis, but also the Ennis community and how the Ennis community has embraced the fly fishing culture, the fly fishing economy, and all of the fly fishermen that come here from around the world to fish," he said.

According to Way, the fly fishing festival has always been on Labor Day weekend.

"It’s kind of a tradition here in Ennis to end the summer with the entire fly fishing community in the state of Montana, getting together and having a big celebration here in the park in Ennis and that kind of end caps our summer season," said Way.

The festival will run from Sep. 2 through Sep. 4 and will feature several vendors, guest speakers, and a silent auction.