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Tesla hit with lawsuit over phantom braking problem, class action suit proposed

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Posted at 5:02 PM, Aug 29, 2022

Tesla has been hit with a lawsuit from a California owner of a Tesla Model 3, and a potential class action suit was proposed over a braking issue with the vehicles.

The Model 3 owner claims that the car's driver-assisted feature dealing with braking causes their vehicle to suddenly stop for no apparent reason, for obstacles that don't exist, according to court documents, Reuters reported.

In the proposed class action lawsuit, the text called the issue a "frightening and dangerous nightmare."

In an August report from Vox, long waits and missing parts were just some of the details that customer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) show, including for owners of Tesla's Model 3.

Over 1,000 complaints regarding Tesla have come to FTC officials about service problems, delays, and getting parts to fix the vehicles, the report said, citing documents obtained through public records requests.

In the report, it details how one customer posted a photo on social media and tagged the company, alleging that after waiting 51 days for their model S to be fixed, they found that some parts where duct-taped together.

In September of last year, the trade publication Inside EVs published a report on how a woman led a protest in Shanghai, China, at an auto show claiming that Tesla vehicles have faulty brakes. Tesla reportedly sued the protester for defamation.