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Escaramuza team showcases Mexico's national sport in the U.S.

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Posted at 10:35 AM, Apr 11, 2022

Charreria is Mexico's national sport, it is a rodeo event that draws on the history and culture of Mexico, and part of it features a team of ladies who ride their horses in a choreographed dance.

The Escaramuza Charro Sueno Dorado made their first appearance of the year at the Idaho Horse Expo in Nampa on Friday night.

"To us, it is very important that we don’t lose our tradition," said Ana Rosa De La Riva the team's coach. "We want to start traveling to Utah, California and maybe Mexico."

This team lives in the Nampa and Caldwell area and people will have the opportunity to see them perform on Independence Day as the team has gotten multiple invites to parades and other festivities in Idaho.

"That’s pretty neat I think it is nice for them to get invited and people are getting to know them more," said De La Riva.

This team is helping Idahoans connect with this unique culture, the team plans on starting a squad for children who will be taught this dance using wooden horses.

"We don’t want this tradition to ever end," said De La Riva.

Fans at the Idaho Horse Expo were also treated to the Caballos Bailadores de Idaho, or the dancing horses, and a routine called Ballet Xochipitzahuatl.

The ballet featured Isabel and Anahi dancing while surrounded by Jose Cruz doing tricks with the rope and a giant horse prancing around the dancers.

"It’s our passion and it is what we like to be dedicated to," said Anahi, who helped translate for Isabel. "We love to bring our culture from Mexico to America because I feel like a lot of people really enjoy it."

This story was first reported by Steve Dent in at KIVIin Boise, Idaho.