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Roadside Geology of Montana: Second edition takes a closer look at Treasure State geology

Posted at 8:58 AM, Dec 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-06 10:58:09-05

LEWIS AND CLARK CAVERNS STATE PARK - We begin a three-part interview this morning with Montana Western Regents Geology Professor Rob Thomas. He and Donald Hyndman recently finished the 2nd edition of Roadside Geology of Montana.

This morning we talked with Rob about the book itself.

He says it took almost five years to complete this edition, with actual visits to all ends of the state. Thomas notes Montana is a big state, and unlike a big state like Alaska, Montana has a lot of roads. He says this edition has color photos and as he put it, wonderful full-color graphics. Thomas says this 2nd edition of Roadside Geology of Montana is the largest of the roadside geology series of books. MTN’s Chet Layman asked Thomas how he would like readers to use this book. He says has a guide to what you find along Montana’s roadways, but also a look at the history of how Montana was formed. Tomorrow on Montana This Morning, Chet continues his conversation with Rob Thomas by talking about some of that history.