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Noxon holds meeting to discuss next steps after fire

Local residents gathered at the Noxon School for a town hall that addressed unanswered questions
Noxon businesses fire
Shopping cart at the site of the Noxon fire covered in snow, Noxon
Noxon Toby's Tavern Fire
Posted at 5:45 PM, Mar 03, 2024

NOXON — Many Noxon residents gathered at the Noxon School for a town hall on Saturday that addressed unanswered questions about the devastating fire that claimed three businesses on Feb. 27, 2024.

With three staples of the Noxon community burned down, the town came together to get some questions answered and start taking the next steps toward a rebuild.

In a speech to the residents, Noxon fire chief Jim Byler said there is no suspicion of arson at this time and the community needs to stay united if they want to save the town.

“I don’t want my grandkids reading about Noxon as a ghost town,” Byler said.

“it’s too nice of a town, I mean it’s cold and snowy but the people are nice I’d hate to see it become a ghost town I don’t want to see it.”

Luckily Noxon is already getting help from inside and outside of its community with people donating money, food, and other items to help residents get by.

Resident Sherry Sutherland — who works at the town’s senior center — says they have received generous donations of food that can be given to the people in town who need it most.

“We’re going to be opening up probably at least once a week let everyone know, what times, what days so they can come down, fill up their boxes, their bags,” Sutherland said.

“We have a lot of elderly and disabled in this town that cannot drive, they depend on people to take them to the stores so yeah, it was… I can’t even explain how great that was.”

The investigation is ongoing for the cause of the fire.

People can donate to the Noxon community at a GoFundMe account here.