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Montana Brews & BBQ's brings celebration and excitement

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Posted at 7:00 PM, Jul 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-18 21:00:46-04

Six thousand pounds of ice to keep 60 varieties of kegged beer cold: many enjoyed the 11th annual Montana Brews & BBQ's at the pond at MetraPark on Saturday.

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The band Detective played from the late afternoon to the end.

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The brewers came from as far east as Sidney and as far west as Libby.

Promoter Mark Hedin said that a loop around the state to all the breweries at this event would take a drive of 1,695 miles.

All the beer and the 15 food trucks are from Montana.

The event was held in 2020, but Hedin said it's even better this year.

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"To be able to see this many people, and every person you see out here has got a smile on their face, and that is so gratifying," Hedin said. "COVID affected us. We were down somewhat, but it's just done the opposite this year, I think because people have been bottled up for so many months, for over a year. They're just ready to get out and socialize. And that's what this event is all about. It's just good to get together where people can come and talk to each other and laugh with each other and just enjoy being outdoors."