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Montana-born rap artist makes anthem for Dallas Cowboys; Drops 'Here we Go’ based off quarterback cadence

Break out rap artist from Billings makes it even bigger after summer tour with Snoop Dogg
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Posted at 11:19 AM, Dec 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-26 13:19:10-05

BILLINGS — “Here we go,” is the new Dallas Cowboys quarterback cadence. Now it’s the official anthem of the team with the beat created by a breakout rap artist who graduated from West High School in Billings.

“Yo man we just killed the performance at the tailgate event,” says recording artist Preston Wayne from the sidelines of the Cowboys vs. Eagles home game on Dec. 10.

We first introduced you to Preston Wayne this summer while he was on tour with Snoop Dogg. Since then he’s been busy building a brand new beat for the Dallas Cowboys.

“I made a bunch of them, maybe three, four, maybe five different versions of the song,” said Wayne.

The Cowboys picked up Wayne’s collaboration with Blackbeard and live game audio from quarterback Dak Prescott, and it hasn’t slowed down since, from the tailgate at the Eagles game to a big-time party performance.

“They had me perform it the next day at Jerry Jones’ Christmas party, the owner of the team, and it’s been absolutely a dream come true because I've been a die-hard since I was literally a baby,” said Wayne.

That’s because his dad named all of his babies after Texas.

“My sister’s name is Dallas. My brother’s name is Austin, so Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Easton. Preston is a main road in Dallas. Easton is a ghost town in Texas,” said Wayne.

“Cowboys, we’re Cowboys to the death. That’s always been my favorite team. I came out the womb and I was like, I like them, so that was just kind of natural, happened by itself.”

Life is happening for his brother Austin, too, as his country music with a touch of Hip Hop was picked up recently by CMT.

“We did get Country Drunk on CMT, so we are really, really excited about that,” said Austin Martin. “Preston and I always talked about and joked about, we’re like, dude, we’re going to be on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine, cowboy hat and chains. We both support and love each other, and it just feels really, really good.”

A dream come true, maybe even a Christmas miracle for this Montana family.

Preston Wayne is scheduled to perform at the Jerry Jones Ring of Honor game as Jimmy Johnson is inducted on Dec. 30, 2024. Tour dates are set to be announced soon.

Austin Martin’s next concert in Billings is scheduled for March 15, 2024, at the Pub Station.